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Mindful Outdoor Experience

Forest Bathing ~ Wanders ~ Council Circle

Welcome to ROAM ~ Rewild Outdoors through Alignment and Mindfulness

Spending time in nature is profoundly good for us. Our daily lives have us moving in many directions, juggling several roles; most often inside and plugged in. ROAM is an invitation to explore and rewild through mindful outdoor experiences (MOE).

Guided MOE elevates the senses and provides an opportunity to BE with the non-human world, gather in community with nature, honor with gratitude our connectedness to all. We engage in equal parts mindful group activities and personal interaction with nature.

Mindfulness in nature provides an opportunity to focus on the present moment, elevate senses, and remember we are connected to all. Activities include gentle movement, mindfully sitting in nature (forest bathing), group share. Options: gentle yoga, mandala creation, guided breathing and mediation, gratitude tea ceremony.

MOE locations vary based on group size, weather and time permitted. Size varies from one-on-one up to groups of up to 20 wanderers. The average length is 2 hours. A longer MOE can be arranged. The fee varies based on length and location. If interested in learning more or would like to attend our next ROAM please contact us.

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