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Curious about ways to rekindle, reclaim and rewild?
Join us for a Soul Elements Event or contact us to create a customized energy wellness experience.

Fall Events

*  Full Moon Flow &  Sound Bath ~
    Friday, October 14, 2022 ~ 6:30 - 8:30 PM
Join us as we "Hunt Beauty" and harness the power to create our own reality with the Hunter's Moon. Release any attachments to non-serving stories in a fire ceremony and set intentions to help you ground & create balance, joy & growth in your life.
Sign-Up PC Yoga Collective, Park City. 
***Mindbody App*** 


nikki sound bath.jpg


*  Full Moon Flow, Breathwork & Intention Mala Bracelets      Friday, September 9, 2022 ~ 6:30 - 8:30 PM 
Join us in an intimate, soul connecting breathwork experience and create your own intention infused mala bracelet keepsake. Gather in sacred space to release attachments to ideas and narratives that no longer serve. Set intentions to honor the Fall Equinox and the season of Mabon, a spiritual celebration of equal parts light and Darkness. Sign-Up PC Yoga Collective, Park City. ***Mindbody App*** 

mads breath.jpg

* Tarot Readings ~ Available by Appointment
Curious about your next right action related to home, relationships, health or career? A tarot card reading can help bring clarity and insight to many areas in your life. Together we will tap into your inner wisdom.
Contact Anne for a personal reading on-line or in Park City.


* Home/Office Clearing & Blessing: 
Our indoor living spaces can hold dense, unsupportive energy. A clearing releases vibrations related to fear, trauma, negativity; inviting in higher frequencies of safety, health, peace, harmony and love.
Makes a thoughtful gift to a new homeowner.
Contact Anne for special Spring offerings.
* Tarot Readings & Tarot Tuesday ~
Your Weekly Energy Message on Facebook or Instagram: @soulelements7

Readings available by appointment.
Makes a thoughtful gift.
Workshops offered for small groups to 
demystify and learn to use Tarot as a mindful resource to tap into your inner wisdom.
Tarot workbook photo.jpg
Join us for #mugoutside. An easy way to reclaim your wild-side by mindfully enjoying your morning beverage outside:
10 minutes, you, your mug.
Follow us on Facebook or Instagram: @soulelements7
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