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Welcome to Soul Elements
Energy Wellness Practices
*Shamanic/Reiki/Intuitive Soul Services *
*Yoga & Sacred Movement *
* Mindful Outdoor Experiences *

Energy wellness empowers you to live a life of purpose and passion. Daily stress and challenges can cause energy 'dis-ease' which directly affects your ability to feel hope, abundance, self-worth and love. Sometimes a guide is just what you need to help you bring your life back into energetic balance. I offer ways to help you reclaim, rekindle and rewild energy wellness.

“We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us.” ~ Rumi


Soul Elements

Soul Elements is an invitation to connect with your soul, your energetic being. Through a unique combination of offerings, I provide a safe, sacred space for you to shed what no longer serves and awaken to a greater sense of well-being, authenticity, empowerment, and energetic freedom. I hold space to honor and respect your soul's unique journey. Energetic wellness support is not bound by physical distance, I am available for private sessions on-line or at my professional wellness space. Be well.



Energy Wellness

Mindful Outdoor Experiences

Yoga/Sacred Movement

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"My energy session with Anne was beautiful, life changing, and I highly recommend to everyone.  The way I see things now has changed my lived experiences in the best way I could have imagined.  I feel lighter, supported and full of confidence to follow my heart and stand up for what I believe to be real and true. Thank you Anne for your love and light."

- Kelley Sandahl

"I have experienced 3 shamanic reiki sessions with Anne and each time was a beautiful, unique experience.  She has such a gift to help with healing on such a deeper level.  I felt safe in her presence and have recommended her to many of my loved ones.  Also, I have taken her Tarot Card workshop and have learned so much more than I would any other way.  I now have a much deeper understanding of my readings and pull cards more frequently."  

- Misty Philbrick

“I’m an experienced tarot reader, but sometimes it’s helpful to get an outsider perspective. Anne gave me a ten card spread with one of my favorite nature-inspired decks (the Wild Wood). Her reading was spot on, with a very clear narrative that helped me understand the messages staring me boldly in the face. I felt her energy powerfully, our physical bodies many miles apart, but energetically sharing the same space. Anne’s readings are beautiful and long-lasting"

- Stephanie Robb

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“What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” ~ Mary Oliver 

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